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After a bad car accident 8 yrs ago I was left with 4 bulging discs and chronic back pain 24 hours a day. After using the Chi Machine for just 2 days, I started getting relief and now 3 weeks later of use I am basically pain free. I also now use the Hot House to help my body keep in pain-free mode.
Jerry Meidinger, MN 
Thank you so much Joyce. I use the machine (Eye Power) for my eyes, it is great and relaxing. I also feel the effects of the BetaLoe. I am not as tired, they seem to have given me a boost.
Have a Healthy Day
Bernice Burt
 I am 52 years of age and all my life I have suffered from asthma, in 1999 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, in 2008 I was diagnosed with diabetes.

 When I was a young girl my asthma was very severe and I used to suffer from it all the time and would be off from school as much as three weeks at a time.  As I grew older I still suffered from asthma but mainly in the winter months when it would be brought on by a cold or the flu.  I would generally have to use my asthma pump and take antibiotics to treat infections in my chest.  As a result of having an asthma attack my body would be left weak and breathing was extremely difficult because my bronchial tubes would constrict. 

 In 1999 after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis I was placed on medications for RA.  Being on various medications meant that I had to have blood tests every month, primarily because they caused stomach ulcers, liver damage, nausea and sleeplessness.  Sometimes when the pain was extreme and the pills did not work I would go to the hospital  or to my doctor’s office to receive a shot in the area of my body that was affected at that moment.   There were many times when the pain was so severe that I could not raise my arm, lift my legs or use my hands, on occasion in order to get from one place to another I had to shuffle my feet, but I had to continue to take the pills.

 In 2008 I was diagnose with diabetes I had no real symptoms from this disease other than my sugar level being high at the time I was analyzed.  I was able to maintain my levels by watching what I ate.
 In December 2009 I was introduced to Beta Loe by Joyce Deering.  I  noticed in January I started to feel a lot more alert and energetic.   I would notice upon rising in the morning that I did not have any joint pain. 
 In February I decided to discontinue all medications.  This is now June 2010 and I am on no medications, have not had an asthma attack,  I have not had a cold or the flu, no pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis and my sugar levels are fine.  There are times when I feel something coming on like a cold or flu, or a RA flare up but it is quickly invaded by the Beta Loe pills.

 My son had dislocated his ankle a few years ago and every time he would play football he would be in pain.  He has been taking Beta Loe for a month and now has no problems whenever he plays football.

  Bernice Burt
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 I've had chest problems the past 15 years, always coming down with bronchitis, I was always on penicillin. I would always get so sick every spring and fall, every Christmas I would be sick. I was always coughing, have a tight chest, I feel so weak, I could hardly walk arounf the house. It would take be a month or 2 to feel better. The doctors always said that I had a virus, they couldn't do anything for me, but let it pass with time.
 Every summer when I mowed the lawn with the push mower, I would get so I couldn't swallow and felt like I couldn't breathe after 5-10 minutes mowing.
 I went to an altermative health care provider. That's where I started using the ERE, the Chi Machine, Hot House and Far infrared Wraps. I finally started on my health journey to better health.
 After I bought my own ERE, Chi Machine and Hot House. I was able to mow the lawn without having breathing difficulties. I use the ERE for 15 minutes, and then I feel much better. 
 I got through the past winter and spring without getting sick. If I feel something coming on, I go under the Hot House, I use essential healing oils with it.
 This spring I was able to be out raking my yard, I haven't been able to do this for years! I know that these machines have helped me so much, I will be 72 years old.

Carol J Heldman
Staples, MN

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