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I've been studying various alternative health therapies for the past 30 years. I've always been searching for the perfect health product that could help the most people in the shortest amount of time. So when a good friend of mine, Lynnette Lindholm invited me to my first HTE home party at Gloria Arends home back in November of 2006, I was anxious to learn more. I was totally impressed with what I saw and heard. Delores Mishleau, my upline HTE Pearl President has since become not only my upline, but also a very good friend of mine. My daughter, Stephanie and I have had the opportunity to attend the 18th anniversary international convention in Mexico City in August of 2007, as well as fun-filled times in San Diego, Dallas & Salt Lake City.  At these conventions we have made many friends from around the world.

I love all of the HTE medical devices and the supplements. I was burned by very hot oil while making tostadas. An hour later I used my SOQI bed, the far infrared took away the pain completely, it healed very fast. I relax with my SOQI bed and fall asleep using the E-Power, so relaxing and I sleep so good. I have witnessed first-hand what these tools can do for helping the body to heal itself. I thank God that I found HTE! Our health is our most important asset, so I don't think anyone can afford NOT to have these HTE medical devices.

I enjoy and appreciate all of my HTE family, I love hearing their life-changing testimonials. Supporting my downline in anyway that I can is very important to me. I am very proud of the mission of sharing HTE with the world, health and wealth is possible with HTE!
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Since 2006 we've been having monthly HTE meetings where people can learn about the benefits of these wonderful medical devices & experience them, come experience the SOQI bed!!!

Deering's SOQI Therapy Spa 
9131 Hwy 71 NE Spicer, MN 56288
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Deanna Sudweeks
Willmar Minnesota HTE Monthly Meeting
Willmar Minnesota HTE Monthly Meeting
My daughter Stephanie, HTE Founder Gorden Pan & I
My Upline Delores Mishleau, Edna Rogers & I 
Willmar Minnesota HTE Monthly Meeting
My daughter Stephanie, David Fafard & Sarah Barton Mitchell
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